What I'm wearing: Jacket ~ Zara | Tee ~ ASOS | Jeans ~ ASOS | Boots ~ Solestruck 

Birthdays are my favourite part of the year. Not just my own birthday but everyone else's too. When else in the year can we celebrate someone's being and also help usher them into their own personal new year? It is for this reason I become so confused when people dislike their birthday ~ you don't hold such reverence when the new year comes around, so why should you on your birthday?!
Thankfully my sister isn't one of the those people!We celebrated Alice's birthday back in July ~ with a coconut mocha at the Scandinavian Kitchen and juicy burgers at Dirty Bones! Birthdays are also a great excuse to try somewhere new to eat. Dirty Bones was such a lively setting for a birthday meal and the food was pretty good too. My mum and I couldn't decide on whether to pick the chicken burger or the mac 'n' cheese burger so each of us chose one and halved - such a good idea as both were extremely yummy :) 



Tide Tables.

What I'm wearing: Sunglasses ~ Cheap Monday | Kimono ~ Love | Playsuit ~ UO | Shoes ~ Converse

These photos were taken at the start of the Summer. It's so funny - these were meant to be the start of a new me, a more efficient blogger me. Needless to say that it didn't exactly go to plan. I did put in the work and took lots of photos and video content throughout August. Somewhere between capturing the content and posting on this blog I got lost. I got lost in life. I love creating content and I love posting but I have been getting so lost in reading the books that have captured my imagination, watching the programmes that transport me into a different reality and my friends/ family who embrace me with their warmth and being. 

So now I'm going to try and bring a little more of that here. See you next week! 



Natural Glow

I'm back! Hello. Here is my face with and without make up. Lately I have been dabbling with putting more on my face - but without seeming to. The more natural and the more glow-y the better. Especially as Summer is finally arriving. Hurray! If you want to see how I create this non fuss look watch the video below :)

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